Apple Watch Seat Belt Nato Strap in Grey with Silver Buckle (42 & 44mm)

$14.00 $18.00

Fits Apple watch size 42mm (Series 1,2,3) and 44mm (Series 4,5,6,SE)
Made from silky high strength seat belt nylon webbing 
Comfortable and luxurious wear
Stitched construction 
Length: 80mm and 135mm
Strap thickness: 2.5mm         
10 Laser cut holes
High-quality stainless steel hardware

Video tutorial on how to change the strap for Apple Watch can be found here

Customer Reviews

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Charlie Han
Apple Watch Seat Belt Nato Strap in Black Grey (James Bond) with Silver Buckle (42 & 44mm)

The edge is rough & it hurt also feel uncomfortable when wearing the watch.

Good quality but weighty

The watch band was delivered in good time and in great condition as expected. It fits the watch perfectly and looks good wearing. However, it is bulky on my wrist and I need to tuck the overhang on the strap into the buckle which adds to the bulk, making it not terribly comfortable to wear. I can see it being useful though and am happy overall; I would have preferred a shorter strap if one were available.


Price is good, however the lugs don't fit properly (not flush) on a 44mm Series 6 watch and the strap is a bit too long.

Edwin Say
NATO Strap

The adapters are loose on both side when attached to Apple Watch.
Factory defect perhaps.

Waiting for a new replacement by NomadWatchWorks..... hope it will come.

Metal attachments do not fit well and the inside of the strap is sharp

I would not recommend these non-Apple bands. On the inside of the strap, the nylon is burnt in order to prevent it from fraying. This creates a sharp edge that digs into your wrist. Also, and more importantly, the metal inserts that attach to your watch are not machined to the correct tolerances so the strap moves around quite a bit on all axes. Up/Down, Left/Right, and there is some play rotationally .. this means that it isn't flush with the watch and doesn't look very nice. And I'm also worried that it can fall off at some point because of this.