Where is Nomad Watch Works located? 
We are located in Singapore. 

Do you have a physical retail store outside Singapore? 
We are a web-based store. Due to the high overhead and operating cost for a brick and mortar store, we will continue selling online so that we are able to keep our prices at the lowest. We ship all products from our warehouse in Singapore.

What currency is the price in? 
The prices on our website is in USD (United State Dollars)

Are the items in stock?
Yes, all items listed on our website are stock in our warehouse and are ready to be shipped out upon order confirmation and payment by our customer.

What are the Value add-on products in the listings?
When you are purchasing a strap from us, we are also able to add the pro tool and leather storage roll into your order at a significantly discounted price. You can refer to the pictures of the value add-on products here

Can you do customization?
Yes, we are able to do custom watch strap. Please check in with us via the contact us page if you require more information.

How do I know if the strap fits my watch?
You can leave us a message with your watch brand and model. In the event that you do not have information on the brand or model, you can also send us a picture of the watch so that we can advise you further.

How do I know if the watch strap fits my wrist size?
You can leave us a message with your wrist size (in cm) at the checkout page. We will measure the strap length and holes based on your wrist size. 
Generally our Nato and Zulu strap can fit all wrist size. For two piece strap, we can add more holes for you if you have a smaller wrist. If your wrist size is too big to fit the last strap hole, we will contact and inform you as well. 

Do the straps come with springbars?
The springbars are not included in the order by default. However should you require them, please check the springbars box at the product listing page. We will be glad to provide a free pair of springbars with every strap purchase.

Is it safe to input our personal details into your website? 
Nomad Watch Works is totally committed to protecting the privacy of each and every of our site visitors and customers. We fully appreciate and respect the importance of privacy on the internet. We will not disclose information to any other third parties except when necessary. (eg. to mailing service for dispatching of your parcel)

Is online payment secure?
Our online payment system is operated by Paypal & Stripe. They adhere to the highest standards of security, in line with the latest worldwide security technology. 

Special Request
We are happy to talk with customers about special requests. If you need larger quantities of an item or are looking for something in particular, please don't hesitate to contact us!