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Pueblo Leather in Ortensia

Nice and sturdy with a fantastic marble like colour!! Quality is great and shipping was fast!

Classic Horween stap in Tan

I've purchased Horween straps before but this is the first time I've had the leather peel off upon pushing down the quick spring bar, I have a model I ordered a few years ago and I never had this problem. Quality of leather is still overall good and shipping is fast.

Great quality strap at a pretty reasonable price!

The strap was supple with a great glossy finish. The sales person was friendly and helpful. Will consider coming back for a custom strap next time.

Great strap

Great quality, love the fact that the stitching doesn't stand out too much.

Good quality waffle strap

This was a good purchase. A very nice quality waffle strap, feels thick and well made. Suits vintage diver perfectly.

Beautiful leather

Nice leather and finishing to strap. Not sure about durability but definitely looking good!

Soft, comfortable & elegant

The Seiko alpinist gmt black, came with leather straps. I wanted a strap that’s more versatile - the watch is versatile so the straps should also match. The FKM rubber straps matched it beautifully, in my eyes. Besides that the curve on the strap helps the strap to wrap easily around my wrist.

Good quality but

Good quality strap, the strap is soft and solid, clasp has really solid action as well. However, will not recommend for small wrists, on the smallest sized set up, the buckle won't sit right on the wrist and provides quite an unpleasant wearing experience.

Best for growing collection

The box looks premium with display glass. 24 slots are perfect for growing watch collection. Good communication with Nomad staff. Will purchase again for sure.

Epsom Dress Leather strap

Strap is of excellent quality and packaging was also good, will definitely purchase again!

Not so good compared to their higher end straps

Leather is flaking and leaving residue all over my wrist

Great strap, great leather

Was very good quality

Superb product

A super high quality and comfortable strap which is presented well, coupled with great costumer service.

What else do you need?

Wonderful croc pattern strap

I already have the brown croc, and this tan version is just as good in quality. One might be able to find cheaper brands elsewhere, but with Nomad, one can be certain of authentic good leather and quality of finish, no trial and error losses. The tan color is a bit underwhelming to me though, a bit light. I fixed this by conditioning the strap with mink oil to darken it a bit and bring out a richer color tone, then finished it off with another conditioner to waterproof it. I still have not used it on any watch at this time, still waiting for the watch it is intended for to arrive, but I'm sure they will match well.

I wish they had integrated quick release spring bars, even at added price, as it is a lot more convenient,and we could probably buy different colors and easily change depending on what our wardrobe is for the day.


Goes perfectly well with my casual watch.

My favorite

Pueblo in Bordeaux

I really like this collection the most, not too thick yet sturdy, and wonderful texture. Bordeaux color is more or less as I expected. I conditioned the leather so it darkened up just a bit. I used it on my dark red dial watch, and it matches well.

22cm version a bit long for my 16cm / 6.3 inch, but not a dealbreaker.

Leather strap

Great quality and colour, the leather would definitely age well.

Good quality band!

The quality of the rubber band is so good, but too bad it can’t fit my Tag, I wish nomad have an option to customize this band to fit my watch.

Lovely strap!

The entire process was smooth and seamless. It was nice to be able to pick and choose what I wanted in a strap, down to the smallest detail. It’s also affordable! I’ll be sure to pop by and order for my other watches as well. Thanks a bunch!

GREAT straps… soft, easy on/off, and love the curved ends. 🤙🏽 lowest price for new FKM in SG!

Nomad Watch Strap Suits Me

I came across Nomad watch strap when browsing around.. Since my order, I have ordered another two watch straps within 2 weeks to change my current watch straps. Nomad offers a variety of watch straps frm rubber to leather straps. I like its unique design, colour and quality and most importantly, it fits comfortably for me to wear it with confidence.

Robust and Comfortable

It's really better than I thought it would be. The leather is tough and thicker than my previous strap, plus the construction is pretty robust. Really feels like a 60 dollar strap for 40 dollars.

Awesome workmanship!

Quality and Colour

Beautiful colour with great quality leather. Fit my my Reverso perfectly!

Beautiful quality strap

Ordered a custom croc strap and it’s divine. So soft and of the highest quality! Thanks Nomad!