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Good for its price

It’s not the best, but you get solid links. The clasp has good microadjust but is stamped.

For the price, it’s great quality. But not something for your most valued watches


Stretchy and soft to the touch. Perfect

Please do white fkm!

Good strap but prefer the FKM rubber ones. Please add white to that selection.


Solid rubber strap with good colour.


Very good product, good quality and quick delivery


Quality is good. Strap is a comfortable. Tempted to try the other colours!

Leather was ok but the strap is misaligned

It’s harder to find 14mm straps so I was happy to see that this site had them in stock (although in limited designs). The shipping was very fast and the leather is nice and soft, but when the strap arrived, I put it on to see that it was misaligned with the watch. It wasn’t even a slight misalignment - it’s very obvious, and I’m wondering how this got past quality control (if there even is any quality control). Needless to say, I’ve requested for a refund.

Hi Joeseph

Thank you for shopping with us and for taking time to write this review. I'm so sorry to hear about the problem you have encountered with your purchase. This is actually the first time we have receive this feedback regarding this strap model but rest assured we will try our best to study and solve this issue. Based on the picture that you have posted, there would be a few possibilities that causes this misalignment (ie mismatch springbar, misaligned springbar, watch casing pressing against leather, off stitching and etc). Our customer service support team will be reaching out to you shortly to assist you on this issue and to find the best solution for you.

Once against many apologies from us for this inconvenience and thank you very much for your patience and understanding. You can also reach me at if you need more assistance on this issue.

Nomad Watch Works

Comfortable leather strap

The leather strap is quite thick with good quality, and it easily contours around the wrist as it is very comfortable to wear. Recommended. 👍🏻

The best waffle strap!

Conform to the wrist well, even the 1st keeper has stopper so it doesn't move around. Well done on the quality, never disappoints!

Good Received Super Fast

Quality and product received is excellent. Consider further purchase in the future.

Camo rubber strap 24mm

Quality strap at great price!

Great looking with superb comfort

It was Super comfortable when you put that Crocs strap on, along with its color which matched perfectly with watch.

Coming back to Nomad...

Another 'no regrets' buy...

Premium leather Nato 20mm

i find leather quality good. Thickness is acceptable. Worth buying!

Apple Watch Seat Belt Nato Strap in Black Grey (James Bond) with Silver Buckle (42 & 44mm)

The edge is rough & it hurt also feel uncomfortable when wearing the watch.

Premium Nato Strap in Grey with Polished Silver Buckle (22mm)

Sturdy and good looking. The grey is slightly darker and greenish than I would’ve liked at first sight but the colour grew on me and suits my watch perfectly. Would be nice if there were other shades available too.

2nd purchase

very good quality leather, smells like new car leather seats, definitely worth it

horween leather strap

feels great on the wrist and buttery smooth.
not sure when they will restock

Very thick canvas, looks indestructible

Needed something to tone down a brass watch, and this did the trick. Canvas is very thick, looks sturdy. Texture and color are very handsome too—got black + black buckle, which looks very classy.

Good quality straps

Great quality and comfortable.


Matches perfectly with my Sarb033 for a clan, sharp look

Excellent Quality - Emery Pueblo in Cognac

Love the colour and subtle texture on this. A bang for your bucks, surely. Recommended with 5 stars rating.

Excellent Quality - N2W Horween Tan

Overall quality is satisfactory, the colour is rich and a perfect fit for my speedmaster. Recommended with 5 stars rating

Fantastic Strap

Perfect combination.