Ostrich Leather Watch Strap in Olive

Size: 12mm

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Made from genuine exotic ostrich leg leather
Soft, flexible and durable
Leather lining made with Zermatt calf leather (Waterproof and resistance to discolouration)
Handstitched with traditional sewing technique 
Integrated quick release springbar

Strap thickness: 3mm
Elegant stainless steel buckle

12mm: Buckle width: 10mm. Length: 70 and 110mm 
14mm: Buckle width: 12mm. Length: 70 and 110mm 
16mm: Buckle width: 14mm. Length: 70 and 115mm 
17mm: Buckle width: 14mm. Length: 70 and 115mm 
18mm: Buckle width: 16mm. Length: 70 and 115mm 
19mm: Buckle width: 16mm. Length: 75 and 120mm 
20mm: Buckle width: 18mm. Length: 75 and 120mm 
21mm: Buckle width: 18mm. Length: 75 and 120mm
22mm: Buckle width: 20mm. Length: 75 and 120mm

Product showcase video for the Exotic Ostrich Leather Watch Strap can be found here

* Please note that due to the individuality of scale pattern, every piece of genuine ostrich leather strap is unique

*Free spring bar removal tool with purchase of any 3 or more watch straps from our website. 
(Free tool will not be reflected during checkout but will be added into your package during fulfilment)

Exotic Ostrich Leather

Ostrich leg leather's allure stems from its distinctive quill-textured elegance, durability, and exotic aesthetics.

Each strap undergoes meticulous hand saddle stitching and traditional craft technique by our skilled leather artisans.

Zermatt calf leather lining - Waterproof and resistance to discolouration.

Customer Reviews

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Ostrich leather strap

Great strap!

Willy Wong
Pretty good

Pretty good. I’m waiting for a new navy blue dial so strap will match it.

Love it

Love the texture

Marcus Liang
Great strap

Strap is comfortable and looks to be of good quality.

WH Neo

Comfortable strap